Historical Investment Performance

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Historical Fund Performance - for the Period Ending July 31, 2015
Investment Options1Inception
Year-to-Date1 Year3 Year5 Year10 YearSince Inception
Aged-Based Portfolio2,4
Age Band 0-402/22/122.99%2.70%9.49%--7.93%
Blended Index3-2.96%2.72%9.61%--8.14%
Age Band 5-802/22/122.58%2.50%8.14%--6.93%
Blended Index3-2.67%2.60%8.19%--7.12%
Age Band 9-1002/22/122.29%2.44%6.68%--5.94%
Blended Index3-2.33%2.55%6.75%--6.09%
Age Band 11-1202/22/121.83%1.91%5.47%--4.94%
Blended Index3-1.83%1.98%5.58%--5.15%
Age Band 13-1402/22/121.50%1.86%4.38%--4.17%
Blended Index3-1.51%1.94%4.50%--4.34%
Age Band 1502/22/121.14%1.88%3.25%--3.34%
Blended Index3-1.20%2.05%3.40%--3.54%
Age Band 1602/22/121.29%1.85%2.62%--2.81%
Blended Index3-1.24%1.90%2.75%--2.98%
Age Band 1702/22/120.95%1.24%1.36%--1.65%
Blended Index3-0.93%1.26%1.53%--1.85%
Age Band 18+02/22/120.56%0.28%0.00%--0.38%
Blended Index3-0.63%0.48%0.29%--0.65%
Multi-Fund Portfolios4
Aggressive Portfolio03/19/102.92%2.77%9.52%8.56%-7.60%
Blended Index3-2.96%2.72%9.61%8.97%-8.04%
Moderate Portfolio03/19/102.29%2.37%6.66%6.68%-6.21%
Blended Index3-2.33%2.55%6.75%7.13%-6.69%
Conservative Portfolio03/19/101.16%1.66%2.58%3.72%-3.82%
Blended Index3-1.24%1.90%2.75%4.07%-4.20%
Diversified U.S. Equity403/19/105.16%11.54%20.24%16.79%-14.39%
Blended Index3-3.30%10.81%17.92%16.22%-14.12%
Diversified International Equity Portfolio403/22/108.58%3.00%10.56%6.18%-5.08%
Blended Index3-5.16%-2.99%10.24%6.74%-5.50%
Diversified Fixed Income Portfolio403/22/101.39%2.98%2.21%3.65%-4.16%
Blended Index3-0.59%2.82%1.60%3.27%-3.83%
Balanced Index Portfolio403/19/102.36%7.85%11.18%10.74%-9.77%
Blended Index3-2.50%7.94%11.27%11.17%-10.21%
U.S. Equity Index Portfolio403/19/103.56%11.07%17.71%16.00%-13.85%
Blended Index3-3.65%11.28%18.00%16.35%-14.21%
International Equity Index Portfolio403/19/104.51%-3.99%9.21%5.69%-4.62%
Blended Index3-4.51%-3.69%9.61%6.33%-5.23%
Social Choice Portfolio403/22/101.03%6.74%16.93%14.42%-12.38%
Blended Index3-3.65%11.28%18.00%16.35%-14.10%
Diversified Inflation Protection Portfolio403/23/10-2.40%-5.95%-3.05%1.97%-2.46%
Blended Index3--2.10%-5.72%-2.73%2.41%-2.95%
Fixed Income Index Portfolio403/19/100.59%2.75%1.23%2.83%-3.41%
Blended Index3-0.59%2.82%1.60%3.27%-3.84%
Money Market Portfolio403/19/100.00%0.00%-0.03%-0.08%--0.09%
Blended Index3-0.01%0.02%0.02%0.02%-0.02%
Principal Plus Interest Portfolio4,603/19/100.73%1.29%1.37%1.74%-1.79%

The performance data quoted represent past performance and are net of all fees and expenses, including the estimated expense ratio of the underlying mutual funds and the Plan Manager Fee. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Your returns and the principal value of your account will fluctuate so your investment may be worth more or less than the original value when you withdraw your money. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted above.

1 All performance figures in the table, with the exception of the performance figures less than one year, represent the average annual compound rate of total return. All figures less than one year represent cumulative, non-annualized returns.

2 Beneficiaries are moved from one Age Band to the next Age Band on the first "rolling date" following their fifth, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth birthdays. The "rolling dates" are March 20, June 20, September 20 and December 20 (or the first business day thereafter).

3 The blended indexes are customized benchmarks that combine the fund benchmarks of each underlying mutual fund held in an investment portfolio (other than the Principal Plus Interest Portfolio) according to the investment portfolio's asset allocation during the relevant time period. The blended indexes are used to compare the performance of the corresponding investment portfolio. They are unmanaged and do not reflect the deduction of any fees or expenses.

4 These investment portfolios have limited operating histories, so the returns cited above may not be a good indication of how they may perform over a longer time period.

5 The Money Market Portfolio is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Although the portfolio seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1 per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in the portfolio.

6 The Principal Plus Interest Portfolio seeks to preserve capital and provide a stable return. The assets in the portfolio are allocated to a funding agreement issued by TIAA-CREF life to the Board, which is the policyholder under the agreement. This funding agreement provides for a return of principal plus a guaranteed rate of interest and allows for the possibility that additional interest may be credited as declared periodically by TIAA-CREF Life. The interest rate guarantee is made to the Board only, and not to account owners or beneficiaries.

7 Effective June 1, 2011, the Plan Manager agreed to voluntarily waive the Money Market Portfolio's Plan Manager Fee as necessary in an attempt to maintain at least a 0.00% return prior to the deduction of the Oregon 529 College Savings Board's Administrative Fee for the Money Market Portfolio. The Plan Manager may discontinue the waiver at any time without notice. Please note that after the Plan Manager Fee waiver and the deduction of the Oregon 529 College Savings Board's Administrative Fee, the net return for the Money Market Portfolio may be negative. The performance data shown for the Money Market Portfolio is net of any Plan Manager Fee waiver then in effect.

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