Give a gift that grows with them.

Have a birthday, holiday or baby shower coming up? Consider making a meaningful impact on someone’s future with a gift to their Oregon College Savings Plan account. Every penny can make a difference and it’s easy to do.

Request contributions.

Oregon College Savings Plan account owners can create a custom Gifting Page that’s linked to their beneficiary’s account. Once live, a link to this unique page can be shared with friends, family and on social media for easy gifting. Gift contributions can be made online for as little as $5 or as much as $15,000 per transaction. Know some big spenders? Lucky you! Your account can still accept gifts over $15,000, but this has to be done offline and requires filling out a Gift Form and mailing it in.

Make contributions.

Want to contribute to an Oregon College Savings Plan account as a gift to someone? You can contribute to their existing account online via their unique Gifting Page, or offline by filling out a Gift Form. People making gift contributions may also benefit from federal estate and gift tax benefits, so that gift you make may also benefit you.

Have more questions? Learn more about gifting in our FAQs

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