Make a Withdrawal

You can make a withdrawal from your account in three ways†:

  1. Online
  2. Call the Plan at 1-866-772-8464
  3. Use the Withdrawal Request Form (PDF)

You may request a withdrawal from your account online or via a telephone withdrawal that will be sent via Automated Clearing House* to your bank account, as long as your banking information has been on file with your account for at least 30 days and your address has not changed within the last 30 days. The Disclosure Booklet also contains a discussion of the tax implications, if any, of taking various types of withdrawals from the Plan.

Non-qualified withdrawals are subject to income taxes and the federal additional 10% tax.

†Entity accounts cannot redeem online or by telephone.

*Automated Clearing House payments may take several days to be deposited into your bank account.

We are here to help. call 1-866-722-8464 monday through friday 9 to 5 pacific standard time
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