Will any of my current investments be changed?

Because we are improving the investment options offered in the Plan, some old options will no longer be available, and some other options are changing for the better. If you currently invest in investment options that are being replaced, your investments will automatically transition to their replacements.

Upon the transition date, investors in the age-based options, the Social Choice option, and the Principal Plus Interest option will experience re-allocations of their investments automatically.

Age-Based Portfolios to College Enrollment Year Portfolio

If you invested in the “age-based” portfolio options (for example, the “Age 0-4 Years” portfolio), we will automatically transition those assets to a College Enrollment Year portfolio based on the beneficiary’s date of birth and an assumption that the beneficiary will enroll in college at age 18. We will use the following methodology for transitioning all assets in the age-based portfolio options:

If a date of birth is listed for the beneficiary, it's used to transition any previous age-based portfolio assets into the mapped portfolio below. 

If the Beneficiary's Date of Birth is...Mapped (New) Portfolio
9/1/20179/7/2018College Enrollment Year 2036
9/1/20168/31/2017College Enrollment Year 2035
9/1/20158/31/2016College Enrollment Year 2034
9/1/20148/31/2015College Enrollment Year 2033
9/1/20138/31/2014College Enrollment Year 2032
9/1/20128/31/2013College Enrollment Year 2031
9/1/20118/31/2012College Enrollment Year 2030
9/1/20108/31/2011College Enrollment Year 2029
9/1/20098/31/2010College Enrollment Year 2028
9/1/20088/31/2009College Enrollment Year 2027
9/1/20078/31/2008College Enrollment Year 2026
9/1/20068/31/2007College Enrollment Year 2025
9/1/20058/31/2006College Enrollment Year 2024
9/1/20048/31/2005College Enrollment Year 2023
9/1/20038/31/2004College Enrollment Year 2022
9/1/20028/31/2003College Enrollment Year 2021
9/1/20018/31/2002College Enrollment Year 2020
9/1/20008/31/2001College Enrollment Year 2019
9/1/19998/31/2000College Enrollment Year 2018
9/1/19988/31/1999College Enrollment Year 2017
9/1/19978/31/1998College Enrollment Year 2016
9/1/19968/31/1997College Enrollment Year 2015
9/1/19958/31/1996College Enrollment Year 2014
9/1/19948/31/1995College Enrollment Year 2013
Born before 9/1/1994FDIC-Insured Option

If we do not have a date of birth on file for the beneficiary, we will transition the assets to the college enrollment year portfolio whose underlying asset allocation most closely matches that of the age-based portfolio in which you currently invest, see below:

Previous PortfolioMapped (New) Portfolio
Age Band 0-4 yearsCollege Enrollment Year 2034
Age Band 5-8 yearsCollege Enrollment Year 2029
Age Band 9-10 yearsCollege Enrollment Year 2026
Age Band 11-12 yearsCollege Enrollment Year 2024
Age Band 13-14 yearsCollege Enrollment Year 2022
Age Band 15 yearsCollege Enrollment Year 2021
Age Band 16 yearsCollege Enrollment Year 2020
Age Band 17 yearsCollege Enrollment Year 2019
Age Band 18 years & overCollege Enrollment Year 2016

Changes to the Social Choice Investment Option

If you invested in the Social Choice investment option, we will automatically transition your assets to a new Social Choice Balanced investment option. The prior Social Choice option included only U.S. stocks. The new Social Choice Balanced option is a globally diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds, while still being invested with a socially responsible mandate.

Replacing the Principal Plus Interest Option

Finally, if you invested in the Principal Plus Interest Option, your assets will transition gradually, over a period of four years, to a new FDIC-Insured Option. 20% of those assets will transition immediately, and 20% will transition one, two, three, and four years from the transition date.

We have also made some improvements inside several other investment options. These improvements will happen for all investors in those options and no action is necessary. Please remember that you can change your investment options in your account twice per calendar year.