Why would I want to open an Oregon College Savings Plan account?

There are many great reasons to open an Oregon College Savings Plan account.

  • You can save more thanks to federal and state tax benefits.

  • The funds you save can grow tax free and be used towards more than just tuition. There are many types of qualified expenses. And withdrawals for those expenses can also be taken tax free.

  • You can benefit from our low fees, smart investment options and intuitive account management.

  • You can open an account in just a few minutes and with as little as $25. It’s never too late!

  • You can easily create your own gifting page to share with friends and family and help grow your account.

  • If you are an Oregon State taxpayer you are eligible for a state tax deduction.*

* 2019: Up to $4,865 for joint filers or $2,435 for single filers.

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